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Canada's #1 Automotive Show



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Rules and Regulations 

By entering this contest you are allowing us to contact you by email. You may also be contacted by our sponsors.

DCG and it's sponsors do not abuse this privilege and respect your privacy. 

We do not sell lists or contact information to third parties.

You can opt out at any time.

Please view our rules pages for further contest rules....

Winners will contacted by email and prizing will be emailedby DCG corporate offices. 

Winners will be selected by draw, announced on this website and contacted by email. 

The supplying sponsor, it's dealers and Bathurst Street productions reserves all rights as to performance or lack of, refusal of service or damages how so ever caused. 

In the case of tires supplied by SAILUN TIRES, installation is not supplied. 
Winner may have to arrange transport of supplied prizing.

Entry is free, although you can only enter once per contest period.
If you have won before you can still enter, providing 4 weeks has past since your win.

You can only enter using this site and only by email. Unclaimed prizes will be canceled after 30 days.

We or one of our sponsors,  may contact you by email to keep you up to date about what's new at the garage; such as news about the next contest or discounts offered. We do not sell email addresses nor do we share your information, other than our sponsors.

We simply want to stay in touch. 

If you have an issue with our request , please let us know. Your decision will in on way effect you chanceof winning. You can only use one coupon per service, ( no doubling up of coupons). Coupons have no value. ( you can't cash them in)

There will be a skill testing question.  5 x 40 + (5 x100) + 40 =  ???